Ok so I haven’t been on in a whille so I’ll try to summerize what’s been going on. I was sick for like, 2 weeks with a sinus infection that made me feel terrible, so my workout schedule was suffering. I had some rough days of no energy and feeling gross about my body and stuff but one morning I woke up feeling good and have felt good since. I could not workout today or yesterday and ate a little more than I wish I did but I am excited for tomorrow to come to be on track. That’s it for now!



Yikes! I keep forgetting to post! A lot has been going on. Let’s see, the weekend went pretty well. I ran 5 miles on friday which felt awesome because I have had an on going nagging right shin. I refrained from most junk food that day as well. Saturday I didn’t workout but I was running around all day. When I finally got home I went out to eat with my family at an itailain resturant but get this! I had no pasta or pizza! Instead I had a roasted veggie panini with no chesse and did not eat all of the bread it came on because it was too much. Sunday I spent the day snowboarding and came home to do a 4 mile run which again felt great and kept in great control around the Superbowl snacks. I honestly feel so much better every day and am barely feeling the strong urge to eat sweets like I used to. The next thing I need to tackle is feeling hungry when I come home from work. No matter if I ate 5 hours ago or one hour ago, I always feel hungry when I come home in the afternoon. I feel like my body just expects me to eat then, so I need to break it down like did with the post-dinner sweets and stop it. I feel under the weather today so I am not going to workout but my eating went well. Hopefully I will report again in a few days

Back On Track

Monday was a bad day… I was miserable becuase I was snowed in and my house was an icebox. The only warm room in my house was my bedroom, so I didn’t want to leave it! I felt tired when I knew I wasn’t, hungry when I knew I wasn’t, and angry for no reason. I ate some junk food and skipped my workout. I was dying to go to the gym just to get out of the house but the roads were pretty bad and the gym may have even closed. The room in my house that I work out in was freezing so I just couldn’t get myself down there. I knew that this would just be one of those days however and would not let it carry over into the next new day. So yesterday, I found myself at the gym at 6pm (which was annoyingly packed must I add) doing my typical work out. Working out isn’t my problem here though. It’s the eating I really need to clean up on. Hopefully things will get better as the week goes on.

Today’s Start

Today I met up with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while for breakfast. Keeping my new diet plan in mind, I ordered a belgium waffle with strawberries. Now, I know what you’re thinking: a belgium waffle does not sound healthy at all. But consider this: If I were to order eggs, the eggs come with buttered toast and hash browns. It costs extra for you to ask for fruit in place of the hash browns, and you are tempted to eat them if they are on your plate. Also, restaurants almost always cook their eggs with butter, which I never do at home. Their omelettes are huge, again cooked with butter, and filled with unhealthy items like bacon, sausage, or vegetables cooked in butter. A belgium waffle is just one waffle, not a short stack or a tall stack like ordering pancakes. I ordered the strawberries and cream waffle but without the powdered sugar dusting and asked for sugar-free syrup on the side. It came un buttered, and it came without the cream which I decided was a good thing because I saved calories. The strawberries were fresh, not from a can, and I drank water on the side. I bet you I got away with a 500 calories meal that tasted like dessert, and will last meal past lunch time.